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About Us

"We have been in the Auto Industry for over 30 years"
We Love What We Do
Dog & Pony LLC was started in August of 2020 by Jered and Jessica Tucker. We have been in the Auto industry for over 30 years and saw the need to expand. The company was formed to separate the Towing and Mechanical operations from our parent company Tucker Autobody & Towing.

It is in our blood

We felt there was a need to focus on the diagnostics of the car on the Dog & Pony side, and focus on repairing a car back to OEM standards on the other side (TAB). We knew both sides would benefit from this split.
The name dog a pony comes from Jered wanting to incorporate his dog into the company logo. I was driving one day and thought what a year 2020 has been and thought it’s been a dog and pony show. I thought why not use Dog & Pony Tow. For people who do not know what a dog and pony show is the definiton is an elaborate display or presentation, especially as part of a promotional campaign

Passion + Time

The Big Plan

Our plan for Dog & Pony LLC is to stay up to date with the ever-changing auto industry. We don’t want our customers to ever have to worry about their car. We will keep our customers on a preventive maintenance plan and always focus on safety. We will do all of the reprograming on cars for the autobody as well as all of the alignment and suspension work. At Dog & Pony we are 100% focused on training to get better every day.

Experience &dedication.